Vince: Investing with Roamler earnings

Can you tell us something about yourself?

I am Vince, 22 years old and I live in Groningen, in the northern Netherlands. I have been an active Roamler for about 1 year now. I study International Relations at the University of Groningen and I am supervisor at a market research agency.  With Roamler I earn some extra money.

“I noticed it is not bad thing to be noticed by an employee” 

How was it to do your first paid job in a store?
“Well, that was pretty exciting. I was especially nervous because I did not know what to say when I would be addressed. In the beginning I did my best not to be recognized. Now I am more confident and I have noticed that it is not a bad thing if you are noticed by an employee sometimes.”

How often do you do perform Roamler tasks?
“That differs every day. It mainly depends on the available tasks. Sometimes I perform 5 tasks in 1 day and at some points I do not perform any tasks for 3 days in a row.”

Do you have a saving target for your Roamler earnings?
“Yes, I started investing a while ago and I deposit all my Roamler earnings on my investment account. So with the Roamler earnings I have mainly bought bonds and shares.”

What are concrete tips for Roamlers who want to perform their first paid task?
“My biggest tip is related to your nerves; just go do it! Once. Try it. It is not the end of the world to be approached by an employee. In the worst case you cannot perform the task, but I have rarely experienced that. In addition, make sure that you take sharp pictures and read the task description well. Roamler can be quite strict.”

What are your concrete tips for Roamlers who want to do more tasks?
“Take the bus or train to another city once. Next to Groningen, I regularly perform tasks in Assen. For me that is 15 minutes by train, but there are often a lot of tasks available there.”

Do you have an example of a mistake you made at Roamler, so your assignment was rejected and that you could give as a tip to other Roamlers?
“Unfortunately, my tasks are sometimes rejected.  Recently I had to take photos of a Pampers promotion and I mistakenly took a photo of the wrong type of diapers.  Always read the instructions carefully and double check everything.  If you do not agree with how your task is reviewed, you can explain why you performed the task the way you did.  If they made a mistake, your task will be accepted.”

“Explain well and clearly what your goal is when performing Roamler merchandising tasks.”

Which tasks do you prefer and why?
“There are quite a few tasks that I like to do, but I do have 2 favourites; both merchandising tasks. The first task I liked is the Red Bull Check, the second is the Stoomboot/open haard tasks during Sinterklaas.  (English).  The Red Bull Check is often listed in the app; are easy to perform and have a nice reward. The Sinterklaas task only happens once a year, but the reward was high; 40 euro! I liked to assemble a whole boat.


Is there a difference between Roamler merchandising and other Roamler tasks?

“There certainly is a big difference between Roamler merchandising and other Roamler tasks.  For the Roamler merchandising tasks you always introduce yourself and you can always perform the task.  These tasks also have a better reward compared to the other tasks.  Make sure to have your ID card with you, print out the introduction letter, bring the business cards and explain WELL and CLEARLY what your goal is. Often the employee is not aware of your arrival, even if you have permission from the head office.

Anxiety at the Supermarket?

Has the thought of pulling our your phone to take a picture at the supermarket caused hesitation or stopped you entirely from performing paid tasks? In this article Roamler intern Jonathan will cover some techniques which may help you overcome the issues you may have at the supermarket. 

In one occasion in my youth I remember pulling out my camera to take a picture of a comically large bottle of Heineken.   I was unfamiliar with this particular size of bottle and wanted to show my friends that such a thing existed.  After being relatively pleased with myself for getting a good shot, a security guard came up to me and stated that “You aren’t allowed to take pictures here.”  This quick interaction caused my delicate ego to retreat back into my shell and took all the fun out of the experience.

Now, many years later I have this great opportunity to earn money in a quick and low commitment way but the trauma of this bad experience is causing me to hesitate.

Prepare in advance

It’s better if you solidify what you are about to do at the task location before you go there as UK Roamler Paul explains in his tips.  This entails reading the app description and being aware of what you have to do beforehand.   You could prepare materials in advance as well, such as printing a statement which explains to anyone with questions what you are doing. Start with a charged phone and bring an extra charger if plan a big route with lots of tasks.  Being prepared frees up much mental space which you could use to perform the task in a more relaxed manner.

Reduce anxiety

If anxiety becomes too much in the moment, the first thing you should do is to clear your mind and take a few deep breaths.  Ample time is given to perform tasks so you should consider running out of time as a stressor in this situation.

Some long term actions to reduce anxiety could help you perform better with tasks.  Such as meditating, getting enough sleep, organizing your personal space, etc.

Be respectful and receive respect

You should also note that employees have to represent their companies in a respectful and appropriate manner so feel free to engage with them since are required to treat you well.

Each trip to the supermarket will be different, sometimes you may get asked what you are doing, other times your presence will go unnoticed.  In the end it is always best to respect the boundaries that others set and withdraw from the store if you are not allowed to continue.    In that case the best thing to do is submit what you could complete and describe as detailed as possible what difficulties occurred.

Interview with a French Roamler

In November 2016, Flavien set off on the Roamler adventure ! He’s been performing tasks on a regular basis since then, paid and creative ones (and he’s pretty good at this, as you can see on his picture) 😉 We’re sure you’re all curious to hear more about him, so let’s start with the interview !

What is your reason for performing Roamler tasks?

The main reason is that I need to earn money.

How do you perform tasks ? How do you organize yourself ?

Where I live, there’s a tram line which goes across the city,  the main shops are located along this line. I usually follow the tram route in order to be the most productive.

The next day, if there are still available tasks which are not located on the tram line, I perform those as well. That way, I sometimes perform up to 18 tasks a day.

Could you describe a typical day on which you plan to perform Roamler tasks ?

I’m a night owl so I usually take a look on the app early in the morning, around 4:00. I take another look about 10:00 and compare with other money making apps in order to choose the right locations and the right time to perform as many tasks as I can.

I usually take a break by around 14:00 and then go back to perform other tasks (I keep on following the tram line or go to other locations).

Around 17:00-18:00, I go back home (sometimes the charge level on my phone becomes an issue).  About 19:00-20:00h, once my partner is back home, I sometimes complete a few last tasks for the day.

What tasks do you like best and why ?

I prefer mystery visits in stores. I feel so at ease, and now I know the shelve layouts by heart.

I think it’s interesting to guess what the client needs by reading the questionnaire. Some of the questions are quite accurate and allow me to understand the situation of a product or a store. Plus, mystery visits are a good way to learn more about what we buy and to pay more attention to this.

What’s the secret of your success on Roamler ?

  • Choosing the best route to be as productive as possible.
  • Always take a lot of pictures! And don’t forget to leave a comment, this really can make a difference.
  • Be yourself, act like a normal shopper. I often buy something I need in order to look like a client : that way, it’s easier to perform a task discreetly.

One last word ?

Thanks Roamler for helping me to earn some extra money, especially when I go through a complicated period 🙂

Roamler gives you a lot of freedom to work whenever you want, wherever you want

Sam joined Roamler in December 2016. It soon became clear as he raced through level 1 that he would become one of the top Roamlers!  With an average of 71 tasks per month (with some months reaching over 200 or even 300 tasks!), he reached level 8 and has given us the opportunity to share with you his best Roamler tips.

Why did you join Roamler?

My main reason for joining Roamler was to earn some extra money for holidays. I am a student and perform most tasks on the weekends. Roamler to me is a fun way of making money, much more fun than working at some boring part time job. It also gives you a lot of freedom to work whenever you want, wherever you want. I perform most tasks in London, where I get a travelcard for the weekend so I can travel to all the tasks I want to do throughout the city.

I save my Roamler earnings for holidays.  I’m going skiing soon, and going on another holiday in April. Both funded by my Roamler money!

Do you remember what your first paid task was like?

Yes, I do remember!  I think it was a ‘Twining in Tesco’ task.  I remember being quite nervous, as this was my first paid task in a store. I kept looking around for staff members, to see if they’d spotted me, and I tried to avoid them.  The task itself went fine, it was really short and the app guided me through it.

My advice for new Roamlers about to do their first task would be: just go ahead and give it a go!  You don’t really have anything to loose, especially if you start with a short task.  In the worst case you only loose a few minutes of your time.

Keep calm, don’t worry.  The app will guide you through the task and will tell you exactly what to do. Do make sure you read the task description carefully, that way you know what you are going to do before you enter the store.  And use the support feature in the app to ask questions or ask for help when you need it.

Have you got any advice for Roamlers who want to do more tasks?

Plan a route.  Open the app and decide what tasks you want to do and what locations you want to visit. Then plan the most convenient route to get all the locations.  If you don’t, you might get confused and perform the tasks at the wrong locations.

I sometimes perform tasks during the weekdays, but I usually don’t plan routes then.  I just see what’s available and perform a few nearby.  I perform most tasks on the weekends, I always plan routes then.

It also helps to allocate time for all the tasks you plan.  That way you don’t have to rush through them, and you don’t make mistakes.  Another piece of advice would be not to get sidetracked by products you see in the store!

Always read all information in the task description very carefully, so you are prepared and you know what to do.  When you perform the task, read every question.  Never assume what the question is!   I once assumed I had to take a photo of a certain product, and didn’t bother to read the question well enough. It turned out the photo had to be of something different and my task was rejected.

If you are going to do tasks which require interaction, dress for it!  I recommend you wear a suit, or something semi-casual at least.  I often find that members of staff are much more willing to help you when you dress professionally.  Also, make sure you know exactly what the task is about and what you are going to do.  It looks much more professional if you can tell the staff what you are going to do in the store, and what it is for.

My last advice would be to always use the last optional question to add any information, especially if something out of the ordinary happened. Explain what happened and how that may affect the task and your answers. Explain the situation in the store!

What do you think about Roamler Merchandising?

I joined Roamler Merchandising because to me it means I have access to more tasks.  It is also the variety in tasks that I like, the Roamler Merchandising tasks have a very different aspect to them compared to the other Roamler tasks.  I like it when tasks require interaction and Roamler Merchandising has that a lot.

It is also the fact that you can do something yourself.  Usually, with regular Roamler tasks, you only register information and take photos.  With Roamler Merchandising, you get the chance to actively do something. You may need to build an FSDU (Free Standing Display Unit), or face up shelves.  After completing tasks like that, I always feel like I have accomplished something, and I like that. And of course, Roamler Merchandising tasks pay nicely!

My advice for Roamlers who are interested in Roamler merchandising would be: expect to do some hard work.  Make sure you know exactly what you are going to do, why you are doing it, and what the benefit for the store is, so you can tell your story confidently and have a clear idea of what needs to be explained. When you interact with the staff, they are more likely to allow you and help you that way.

“Reviews are not done by robots and we don’t reject tasks lightly”

Lucie has been a reviewer for the International team since February 2017. The international review team reviews submissions mainly for the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, and sometimes for other countries as well.


Why did you start at Roamler?

Being a ‘reviewer’ for an app sounded like a super futuristic and flexible job compared to what most of my fellow students were doing (working in restaurants and bars), so I was really intrigued. I downloaded the app and tried out some tasks, enjoyed them, and then decided to apply!

What do you do besides Roamler?

I was studying up until last summer, so about half of the time that I’ve been working at Roamler I was attending university, writing my thesis and doing some voluntary work. I’ve also spent time abroad, in London and Canada with my family, and on holiday. In the future, I plan to travel some more and take full advantage of working online!

In her year at Roamler (“I can’t believe it has been a year!”) Lucie reviewed around 10.000 submissions. Not surprisingly, most time was spent on reviewing paid tasks, but she also reviewed level 1 training tasks and creative tasks. 

What do you like or dislike about reviewing at Roamler?

The flexibility of this job is amazing, but I’m going to be obvious and say that most of all I love the people who work at Roamler. There’s a great teamwork vibe between the reviewers, so even when we are working remotely, we are always in contact and helping each other out.

I’m a somewhat technologically challenged person, so sometimes working in such a techy environment can be frustrating. This is mainly when I can’t solve Roamlers’ technological problems, which is most of the time if “try uninstalling and reinstalling the app” doesn’t work.

Creative tasks are usually the most fun to review, because you might find something out about the Roamler, or see a cute photo of someone’s pet. I really like not having to reject tasks and disappoint (or anger) the Roamlers, and with these tasks there isn’t the pressure to be so strict. It’s always good to see that the Roamlers enjoy doing them too.

What can you tell Roamlers about your work as a reviewer?

First is that we don’t reject lightly, or for fun. I usually feel really, really bad about it, but there’s always a reason!

Second thing that is important to share is that reviewers are human beings too! It can feel more like we’re robots (yes, we’ve been told that before) since we’re communicating through an app, but we’re not, and we really appreciate polite Roamlers. We share kind messages we receive from Roamlers with each other to keep us going

Did you ever made a mistake with reviewing and what happened?

Yes! A classic example: accidentally clicking ‘accept’ instead of ‘reject’. Or sometimes a Roamler will point out a mistake in my feedback, then I just swallow my pride and apologise. They’re usually very gracious.

Do you have tips on Roamlers on performing paid tasks?

It always frustrates me how often I have to reject a task because a Roamler hasn’t properly read just one question. For example, if the question asks for an overview photo, we don’t want to see a close up. It is a mistake that could have been prevented and I wouldn’t have needed to reject the submission.

To avoid mistakes, my tip for Roamlers is to double check your submission before submitting! Please, never ever photograph the floor. If in doubt of what to photograph, take an overview photo! We can only judge the situation in a store from what you tell us in your submission – we love to see that ‘optional comments’ section being used.

To perform more tasks, just grab them while you can. Try and fit them in while you’re taking a break from work, or running errands. You shouldn’t underestimate how quickly they can go!

“You fulfil an important task for the client”

In Janary 2017 Dutch Roamler Dennie started with Roamler and reached level 2 in 2 days. Since that time he performs about 30 tasks per month and earns some extra pocket money with that. “Money can literally be found on the street,” he states a few times in the conversation, and he shares different experiences with performing Roamler tasks.

What is your reason to perform Roamler tasks?

The main reason to perform tasks is to earn some extra money. I also believe Roamler is an important company for the clients. The clients spend a lot of money on advertising and there are agreements on the promotions. If those agreements aren’t met, it’s going to cost the client a lot of money. That’s the beauty of Roamler; Roamler has a network to check how the promotions are executed in store.

I value honesty and believe people should always keep their promises, for instance on promotions. I often tell other Roamlers to be aware of the importance of their job to Roamler clients.

Know that you fulfil an important task for one of the brands you like or buy. You save them money and help them deliver a better experience to shoppers.

Roamler DennieHow do you perform tasks?

There are some stores I visit regularly for Roamler. It has happened that members of staff recognise me; ‘It’s that Roamler again!’. That is always nice to hear. I have only had one negative experience in a store, where they weren’t happy about what I had come to do.

In about 2% of the tasks I perform, I am approached by a member of staff. In those cases, I always explain the reason for my visit, what promotion I am looking into and that the client wants to know how it is executed in the store. After that, they usually let me continue. Some stores do ask me to sign in with the service desk beforehand next time.

I am a perfectionist and pay close attention to detail. I always use the optional question at the end to add relevant information to the submission. I do sometimes have discussions with the Roamler team about my submissions, especially when the task description wasn’t clear to me. They always answer my questions. I feel connected to Roamler as a company, mostly because of the nice team!

What tasks do you like best?

Well, I sometimes perform tasks in Belgium, and they had a task at a cafeteria. In this task you had to take a photo of the menu and you had to order a snack. The reimbursement was included in the reward. I am a big fan of Belgian fries and this task allowed me to eat them for free!

A while ago I was at the airport and I wanted to get something to eat. But why pay for it myself? I checked the Roamler app and saw a Red Bull task which earned me €6,50.
I will be going to London soon, and now that there are no extra costs for roaming in the EU, I can easily perform some tasks there, too! I really like that.

Before, I always accepted Belgian tasks right before I crossed the border. I would then perform the task and submit it using McDonald’s WiFi. Without the roaming costs, it has become a lot easier to perform tasks in other countries.

Tasks in which I can reveal myself as mystery shopper are my favourite. I always like to have a chat with people, and it makes me feel useful. I can show the client how his promotions are executed and can make sure everything looks perfect.

Dannie is a bus driver in public transport and is studying law.

Do you still have time for Roamler? When do you perform tasks?

As a bus driver, I sometimes work split shifts. On a day like that I start at a quarter to seven and finish at half past nine. My next shift that day starts at half past two and ends at seven, so I haven’t got anything to do in between those shifts. Those are horrible days, they are very long but I only get paid for 6 or 7 hours, because I’m not working in the hours in between. That’s when I always perform Roamler tasks. I open the app and just start Roamlering.

Last summer I went to the beach and saw some tasks available at petrol stations nearby. I made an additional €60 that day, by not going home directly, but performing the tasks at all the petrol stations on the way home.

I always say: ‘there is money to be earned everywhere!’. There are Roamler tasks everywhere; whenever you have a bit of time to spare, you can always earn some money with Roamler.

Since April 2017 Dannie also performs Roamler Merchandising tasks. He has performed over 50 successful Roamler Merchandising so far. (Roamler Merchandisers have an extra set of tasks available for them, like setting up displays or mirrorings shelves. These tasks are not (yet) available in )

What is it about Roamler Merchandising that you like?

First of all, the diversity in tasks makes it fun to do Roamler Merchandising tasks. The rewards for these tasks are great too.

A while ago I was in a supermarket for Roamler Merchandising. I introduced myself and explained I was going to perfect the Red Bull fixture, to save them some time. ‘Facing up the products is important, but you won’t have time for that.’

The manager was surprised, but was really happy with some free help. And I just did what I had to do. At that moment you’re doing valuable work for Roamler and Red Bull. That alone is reason enough for me to perform Roamler Merchandising tasks. When you’re finished facing up, the fixture looks all nice again. The Roamler Merchandising tasks are all very rewarding, which motivates me.

I also enjoyed the Merchandising tasks in which we had to go to banks, take down old posters and put up new ones. At times like these you realise how brilliant the concept of Roamler is. The people at the bank don’t have much time to change the posters themselves, and I think it’s great Roamlers can do it for them.

Roamler really is a great company to work with. We all do fairly easy tasks, that benefit everyone: the client, Roamler, and the Roamlers!

We provide clients with the extra pair of eyes they need, and Roamler and their Roamlers earn money from that.

Be a Roamler recruiter and reap the reward!

Thanks to you, and all the other Roamlers in Norway, we have been able to get valuable data to our customers quickly! You have gathered information about products in supermarkets, flower shops and electronic stores in a speed that we are really impressed by. We would like to have even more tasks available for you and help our clients at lightning speed ­– for this we need your help!

In some Norwegian cities there are not a lot of active Roamlers. That means tasks in those cities are often not performed, missing an opportunity for both the client and a potential Roamler.

You might ask: So how can I help getting more paid tasks in the app?

You can help by sharing the Roamler love and give other people the opportunity to earn some extra money in their city. Do you have a relative, friend or long-lost pal who would be interested in Roamler? Don’t hesitate to give them an invite so they can start earning money too!

That’s all good, but what’s in it for me?

If we can get results even faster across Norway, clients will love and use Roamler even more. This way, there will be more tasks available for you.

But that’s not all. You will also benefit from inviting an active Roamler. If you recruit a Roamler, you will get a reward once that Roamler gets to level 2 and after that you will earn 2% for each paid task done by ‘your’ Roamler recruit.  Read more about it (yes, there are rules attached to this) in this blogpost:

Top Roamlers tip on how to perform mystery shopping tasks

Lately, we had a lot of mystery shopping tasks in the app and these can be different from a regular Roamer task in a grocery store. We may ask you to interact with the store staff or pretend that you want to buy a product. For you that have not tried this before, it can seem a bit intimidating. But if is not as hard as you may think!

We interviewed one Roamler who are mystery shopping experts to hear how it really is to perform a mystery shopping task!

What do you think differs a Roamler task in a grocery store from a mystery shopping task?

Srdjan K: In grocery stores, you can do tasks on your own, while as a mystery shopper you need to talk to the store staff to get the information you need. I would say I prefer grocery store tasks to mystery shopping. But that doesn’t mean that mystery shopping is more complicated than grocery stores. For example, if you want to take pictures while talking to store staff, they don’t find it strange. You are already asking them questions, about that product and taking pictures is just a part of that. While in grocery stores when you are taking a lot of photos it can seem a bit suspicious to the store staff. Then you need to come up with a good story on spot.

If you want to take pictures while talking to store staff, they don’t find it strange.

What would be your best tip for Roamler who want to perform mystery shopping task?

Srdjan K: Best tip would be to imagine that you actually want to buy the product. For example, if you are doing ‘Smartphone store check’, act, as you are buying a phone for real, ask questions that are given to the task, but also ask questions that YOU would usually ask when you are looking for a new phone. Be interested in what the salesman has to say. Don’t try to memorise the salesman’s answers. You will remember them anyways. Most important thing is to relax 🙂

I find mystery shopping tasks fun. I’m interested in technology, so it is nice to have a chat with store staff.

How do you experience performing a mystery shopping task?

Srdjan K: I find mystery shopping tasks fun. I’m interested in technology, so it is nice to have a chat with store staff about these new things coming out and get some recommendations from them. Also sooner or later you are hoping to buy some of these products and doing tasks like mystery shopping you can compare what different stores have to offer.

Has it ever happened that you got ‘discovered’ performing the task?

Srdjan K: Actually something like this never happened to me so far. But I always have some store prepared for a situation like that. And in worst case, I would refer them to

You mentioned that there was a very nice reward performing these tasks, have you done anything with eh money yet?

Srjdan K: I haven’t done anything yet, but I am planning at the end of the summer to do small road trip. Probably visiting 3-4 cities in 7-10 days. Not sure yet exactly when and where, but it is about the jorney and not the destination!

Thanks Srdjan K for sharing your story!

Roamlers top vlogs and smartphone games

It is not a surprise that Roamlers like to spend a lot of time on their smartphone. That was why we wanted to find out what else you do on your smartphone except using the Roamler app! In the creative tasks ‘Top Vlog’ we asked you to name one vlogger that you liked to get inspired or just entertained by, in ‘Favourite Smartphone Game’ we were curious to see which game app was the best one among Roamlers. You can find the result in the list below!

Smartphone games:                                       Vlogs:

Candycrush                                                           Yoga with Adriene

1010!                                                                       Niomi Smart

Pokemon Go                                                         SacconeJolys

8 Ball Pool                                                            The Michalaks

Angry Birds                                                          BFvsGF

Bejeweled                                                              SciShow

Clash of Clans                                                      Jocke & Jonna

A recap of Roamler Lingo

Sometimes it is good to refresh your memory on all the different things you need to remember in order to be a great Roamler. Some Roamlers asked if we could run through some of the terms we use, our “Roamler Lingo”. In Level 1, you learn to do many different things (when it is best to photograph in landscape mode for example) but also exactly what we mean by a shelf metre, and how to count the total number of shelves. Below is a picture which should make this clearer:

The numbers in the white dots indicate the number of shelves in one metre of shelving.

In the photo below you can see an example photo of a coffee section. The section is 3 shelf metres long. You can see this by looking at how the bottom of the shelf (shelf legs) is divided.

Sometimes it can be harder to tell because the gaps between the metres of shelving will be less noticeable. But often you will see some little details which show the change from one metre to the next. As long as you know what to look at, it gets easier and easier to see the different shelf metres.

For example, in the picture below, the differing heights of the two adjacent shelves show you where one metre ends and the next begins.

Hopefully, you are familiar with the term ‘Secondary Placement’ by now. If this a strange term for you, then you can see two examples of it in the photo below. The picture shows two different aisle ends with promotions. ouThe products are placed at the end of the regular shelves.

These products are often on promotion and the aisle ends are counted as a promotion place.

A secondary placement is when a product is presented, usually for an offer of some kind, in a unit that is not its normal place on the shelf. However,  secondary placements can often take different forms, such as at the end of an aisle (as you saw in the previous photos) or as a free standing unit.

Here are some examples of promotions in free standing units.

Now you hopefully have a refresh of our Roamler Lingo! Why not try your knowledge in the app straight away?
If you have any questions, please message us via the app or leave a comment below!