How to behave like a mystery shopper

You have probably seen this sentence in some of the Roamler tasks: The store is not informed about your visit, so please behave like a mystery shopper.

It may feel a little difficult to carry out mystery shopper tasks sometimes. However, if you are prepared both practically and mentally, it is not that difficult. Here are some tips and tricks.

First, do not worry so much to be ‘discovered’. In our experience, it is really rare that the store staff question Roamlers on performing their tasks. Just think about how many regular shoppers there are in a store! Staff will treat you like a regular shopper if you behave like a regular shopper.

Photographing with care – not a problem

Taking photos in a supermarket is not common (yet). It is a crowded place and does not have the best lighting. On the other hand, taking photos in ordinary places to put on Facebook, your Instagram account or share with your Snapchat friends is more and more common, so using the camera on your phone is seldom questioned.

When you do get questions from staff or other people, it is best to be flexible and creative. You can explain that you are taking a photo for your social media account and that you are making sure to not photograph other people. Some Roamlers react with: “‘I thought this product looked nice; is it okay if I take a photo? I might come back later for it.”

If, at one point, you need to explain to someone what you are doing, you can explain that Roamler is a company that executes retail research. In the task description we also provide the contact e-mail address that you can give to supermarket employees if needed.

Tips from Roamlers

The best people to ask for tips are the most active Roamlers! So here are a few tips listed.

“If a staff member sees that you’re shooting and wonders what you are doing (which is quite rare), answer that you are writing an essay for school and are examining the range of different products for example. Prepare an explanation that feels comfortable for you!”

“It’s best to perform the tasks while doing your shopping, but if you are going to several stores in one day, you can take a shopping cart or basket to walk around in the store. “

“I sometimes walk around in the store with my earplugs in, so the sound of taking the photo cannot be heard. Taking a photo using the volume buttons instead of tapping the screen (on my iPhone) makes taking photos easier as well.“

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