A recap of Roamler Lingo

Sometimes it is good to refresh your memory on all the different things you need to remember in order to be a great Roamler. Some Roamlers asked if we could run through some of the terms we use, our “Roamler Lingo”. In Level 1, you learn to do many different things (when it is best to photograph in landscape mode for example) but also exactly what we mean by a shelf metre, and how to count the total number of shelves. Below is a picture which should make this clearer:

The numbers in the white dots indicate the number of shelves in one metre of shelving.

In the photo below you can see an example photo of a coffee section. The section is 3 shelf metres long. You can see this by looking at how the bottom of the shelf (shelf legs) is divided.

Sometimes it can be harder to tell because the gaps between the metres of shelving will be less noticeable. But often you will see some little details which show the change from one metre to the next. As long as you know what to look at, it gets easier and easier to see the different shelf metres.

For example, in the picture below, the differing heights of the two adjacent shelves show you where one metre ends and the next begins.

Hopefully, you are familiar with the term ‘Secondary Placement’ by now. If this a strange term for you, then you can see two examples of it in the photo below. The picture shows two different aisle ends with promotions. ouThe products are placed at the end of the regular shelves.

These products are often on promotion and the aisle ends are counted as a promotion place.

A secondary placement is when a product is presented, usually for an offer of some kind, in a unit that is not its normal place on the shelf. However,  secondary placements can often take different forms, such as at the end of an aisle (as you saw in the previous photos) or as a free standing unit.

Here are some examples of promotions in free standing units.

Now you hopefully have a refresh of our Roamler Lingo! Why not try your knowledge in the app straight away?
If you have any questions, please message us via the app or leave a comment below!