Roamlers top vlogs and smartphone games

It is not a surprise that Roamlers like to spend a lot of time on their smartphone. That was why we wanted to find out what else you do on your smartphone except using the Roamler app! In the creative tasks ‘Top Vlog’ we asked you to name one vlogger that you liked to get inspired or just entertained by, in ‘Favourite Smartphone Game’ we were curious to see which game app was the best one among Roamlers. You can find the result in the list below!

Smartphone games:                                       Vlogs:

Candycrush                                                           Yoga with Adriene

1010!                                                                       Niomi Smart

Pokemon Go                                                         SacconeJolys

8 Ball Pool                                                            The Michalaks

Angry Birds                                                          BFvsGF

Bejeweled                                                              SciShow

Clash of Clans                                                      Jocke & Jonna

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