Be a Roamler recruiter and reap the reward!

Thanks to you, and all the other Roamlers in Norway, we have been able to get valuable data to our customers quickly! You have gathered information about products in supermarkets, flower shops and electronic stores in a speed that we are really impressed by. We would like to have even more tasks available for you and help our clients at lightning speed ­– for this we need your help!

In some Norwegian cities there are not a lot of active Roamlers. That means tasks in those cities are often not performed, missing an opportunity for both the client and a potential Roamler.

You might ask: So how can I help getting more paid tasks in the app?

You can help by sharing the Roamler love and give other people the opportunity to earn some extra money in their city. Do you have a relative, friend or long-lost pal who would be interested in Roamler? Don’t hesitate to give them an invite so they can start earning money too!

That’s all good, but what’s in it for me?

If we can get results even faster across Norway, clients will love and use Roamler even more. This way, there will be more tasks available for you.

But that’s not all. You will also benefit from inviting an active Roamler. If you recruit a Roamler, you will get a reward once that Roamler gets to level 2 and after that you will earn 2% for each paid task done by ‘your’ Roamler recruit.  Read more about it (yes, there are rules attached to this) in this blogpost: