Interview with a French Roamler

In November 2016, Flavien set off on the Roamler adventure ! He’s been performing tasks on a regular basis since then, paid and creative ones (and he’s pretty good at this, as you can see on his picture) 😉 We’re sure you’re all curious to hear more about him, so let’s start with the interview !

What is your reason for performing Roamler tasks?

The main reason is that I need to earn money.

How do you perform tasks ? How do you organize yourself ?

Where I live, there’s a tram line which goes across the city,  the main shops are located along this line. I usually follow the tram route in order to be the most productive.

The next day, if there are still available tasks which are not located on the tram line, I perform those as well. That way, I sometimes perform up to 18 tasks a day.

Could you describe a typical day on which you plan to perform Roamler tasks ?

I’m a night owl so I usually take a look on the app early in the morning, around 4:00. I take another look about 10:00 and compare with other money making apps in order to choose the right locations and the right time to perform as many tasks as I can.

I usually take a break by around 14:00 and then go back to perform other tasks (I keep on following the tram line or go to other locations).

Around 17:00-18:00, I go back home (sometimes the charge level on my phone becomes an issue).  About 19:00-20:00h, once my partner is back home, I sometimes complete a few last tasks for the day.

What tasks do you like best and why ?

I prefer mystery visits in stores. I feel so at ease, and now I know the shelve layouts by heart.

I think it’s interesting to guess what the client needs by reading the questionnaire. Some of the questions are quite accurate and allow me to understand the situation of a product or a store. Plus, mystery visits are a good way to learn more about what we buy and to pay more attention to this.

What’s the secret of your success on Roamler ?

  • Choosing the best route to be as productive as possible.
  • Always take a lot of pictures! And don’t forget to leave a comment, this really can make a difference.
  • Be yourself, act like a normal shopper. I often buy something I need in order to look like a client : that way, it’s easier to perform a task discreetly.

One last word ?

Thanks Roamler for helping me to earn some extra money, especially when I go through a complicated period 🙂