At Roamler we believe in creating opportunities for people, wherever you are, in order for you to live the life you want. With this in mind, we chose to support a project called: The Rainbow Homes.


The Rainbow homes project is a program managed by the non-governmental Rainbow Foundation in India. In partnership with the Dutch based B2B charity, Net4kids, the Rainbow homes provide comprehensive care to homeless girls on the streets of India. Although the concept is relatively new, it is cost-effective and provides these girls a chance at a better life.


For the next three years, Roamler will match and donate 1% of all Roamlers’ earnings, towards the Rainbow homes project. With a minimum commitment of 40,000 euro per year, we will be able to help 47 girls find a home and access to an education. Furthermore, every additional 830 euros on this amount will be used to admit one more girl to a Rainbow home.


Our aim for taking up a CSR project was not to join the list of socially responsible companies, but rather to find opportunities that align with our mission to create opportunities for people. We were intentional in creating a symbolic relationship between our company and a CSR project. We are proud to have successfully linked our CSR efforts to one of our core corporate value-sharing opportunities.


The Rainbow foundation works together with Net4kids to provide shelter and education to more than 370 girls per year. The aim of this project is to extend opportunities for a better future to the millions of homeless girls living on the streets of India. Since its inception in 2002, it has reached over 8000 girls, living on the streets of India.

We decided it was time our company to extend opportunities to less fortunate communities and contribute towards making the difference in their future. Starting in 2018 and for the next three years, Roamler will be supporting the Rainbow home project.

With some Roamlers, I have the feeling I know them

Merel has worked with Roamler for two and a half years. She is a level five Roamler who doubles as a reviewer. Having reviewed around 60,000 tasks, Merel recognizes products easily in submissions and at the supermarket while shopping.

How did you get started at Roamler?

I heard about the app, 3 years ago on an online forum and it immediately caught my attention, “What a great concept,” I thought. Desiring to know more, I got an invite code and got through level 1 in a day.

Although I was not an extremely active Roamler, I performed tasks on a weekly basis. When I came across the “become a reviewer” task, I didn’t hesitate to perform the task. I was quite eager to have a look behind the scenes at Roamler. Hence, I have between working there as a reviewer for 2.5 years and is a level 5 Roamler.

Besides Roamler, I study accountancy and I hope to finish my studies soon. Next, to that, I have my own horse, so I spend a lot of time on that as well. I have competitions all over the Netherlands and sometimes in Germany and Belgium, so it is a pretty serious hobby.

What tasks do you prefer to review and why?

I absolutely enjoy reviewing the paid tasks, in particular, Roamler merchandising tasks (tasks where Roamlers fix stock, mirror shelves or set up displays. These merchandising tasks are not available in all Roamler countries). When I review a lot of tasks of one project, I already get an idea what the results of that particular project should be and how the products or promotions are placed in stores. In these kinds of instances, I become a bit of an expert at reviewing such tasks.

During these years I have seen so many submissions I recognize, most products when I walk into a store myself. I can’t do grocery shopping in a normal manner anymore, I constantly look around checking promotions etc.

Did you ever make a mistake with reviewing?

Sure, I think all reviewers made mistakes at some point, we are human after all. Luckily I never made a really big mistake. I think when I was a new reviewer, I made a lot of mistakes by accepting tasks that should have been rejected. I learned a lot from this.

What do you like best about your job at Roamler?

I like the contact with Roamlers and the diversity of the tasks. There are many different tasks, which teaches me something new every time. The contact with Roamlers is really diverse because there are so many different Roamlers out there. With some Roamler I really get the feeling of knowing them, because I interact with them often in the app, I like that part of my job!

What I enjoy about the reviewing as well, is that I became much quicker as a Roamler myself. I see hundreds of tasks on my screen because of the Roamler submissions, so I know the questions by hand and can perform a task really quickly in a store.

What is most difficult about your job at Roamler?

That’s a difficult question. I think it is the part when I have to reject a submission. I know how much work it is to perform certain tasks, but I have to reject the submission because it is really not good enough to send to the clients.

Reviewers do not like to reject submissions, but sometimes it is the only option. The clients want the submissions and it would be great for everybody if we could accept all tasks, but we need to maintain a high quality for our clients, so they want to work with us again, because of the quality of the data.

What mistakes do you find when reviewing?

The mistakes that I encounter mostly are often small and simple mistakes. Either the number of shelves or meters or were counted wrongly because the question was not properly read.

This can be prevented by reading the questions before answering them. Most mistakes I see are listed in the task description. It might cost you a little more time to read it carefully before submitting, but in the end, you will save time as those submissions will not be rejected.

Do you have tips for Roamlers on performing (more) paid tasks?

Personally, I prefer to visit multiple locations for the same project. That way you are trained for that specific task and you can become very quick at performing it because you know what is required. That way you become quicker and quicker at performing tasks!

Anything else?

Keep up the good work Roamlers! There have been so many different types of tasks in the Netherlands recently and I like to see that every Roamler has their preferred type of tasks and that some Roamlers are becoming a real expert on those tasks!

See you on the app soon !