Be a Roamler recruiter and reap the reward!

Thanks to you, and all the other Roamlers in Norway, we have been able to get valuable data to our customers quickly! You have gathered information about products in supermarkets, flower shops and electronic stores in a speed that we are really impressed by. We would like to have even more tasks available for you and help our clients at lightning speed ­– for this we need your help!

In some Norwegian cities there are not a lot of active Roamlers. That means tasks in those cities are often not performed, missing an opportunity for both the client and a potential Roamler.

You might ask: So how can I help getting more paid tasks in the app?

You can help by sharing the Roamler love and give other people the opportunity to earn some extra money in their city. Do you have a relative, friend or long-lost pal who would be interested in Roamler? Don’t hesitate to give them an invite so they can start earning money too!

That’s all good, but what’s in it for me?

If we can get results even faster across Norway, clients will love and use Roamler even more. This way, there will be more tasks available for you.

But that’s not all. You will also benefit from inviting an active Roamler. If you recruit a Roamler, you will get a reward once that Roamler gets to level 2 and after that you will earn 2% for each paid task done by ‘your’ Roamler recruit.  Read more about it (yes, there are rules attached to this) in this blogpost:

Top Roamlers tip on how to perform mystery shopping tasks

Lately, we had a lot of mystery shopping tasks in the app and these can be different from a regular Roamer task in a grocery store. We may ask you to interact with the store staff or pretend that you want to buy a product. For you that have not tried this before, it can seem a bit intimidating. But if is not as hard as you may think!

We interviewed one Roamler who are mystery shopping experts to hear how it really is to perform a mystery shopping task!

What do you think differs a Roamler task in a grocery store from a mystery shopping task?

Srdjan K: In grocery stores, you can do tasks on your own, while as a mystery shopper you need to talk to the store staff to get the information you need. I would say I prefer grocery store tasks to mystery shopping. But that doesn’t mean that mystery shopping is more complicated than grocery stores. For example, if you want to take pictures while talking to store staff, they don’t find it strange. You are already asking them questions, about that product and taking pictures is just a part of that. While in grocery stores when you are taking a lot of photos it can seem a bit suspicious to the store staff. Then you need to come up with a good story on spot.

If you want to take pictures while talking to store staff, they don’t find it strange.

What would be your best tip for Roamler who want to perform mystery shopping task?

Srdjan K: Best tip would be to imagine that you actually want to buy the product. For example, if you are doing ‘Smartphone store check’, act, as you are buying a phone for real, ask questions that are given to the task, but also ask questions that YOU would usually ask when you are looking for a new phone. Be interested in what the salesman has to say. Don’t try to memorise the salesman’s answers. You will remember them anyways. Most important thing is to relax 🙂

I find mystery shopping tasks fun. I’m interested in technology, so it is nice to have a chat with store staff.

How do you experience performing a mystery shopping task?

Srdjan K: I find mystery shopping tasks fun. I’m interested in technology, so it is nice to have a chat with store staff about these new things coming out and get some recommendations from them. Also sooner or later you are hoping to buy some of these products and doing tasks like mystery shopping you can compare what different stores have to offer.

Has it ever happened that you got ‘discovered’ performing the task?

Srdjan K: Actually something like this never happened to me so far. But I always have some store prepared for a situation like that. And in worst case, I would refer them to

You mentioned that there was a very nice reward performing these tasks, have you done anything with eh money yet?

Srjdan K: I haven’t done anything yet, but I am planning at the end of the summer to do small road trip. Probably visiting 3-4 cities in 7-10 days. Not sure yet exactly when and where, but it is about the jorney and not the destination!

Thanks Srdjan K for sharing your story!

Roamlers top vlogs and smartphone games

It is not a surprise that Roamlers like to spend a lot of time on their smartphone. That was why we wanted to find out what else you do on your smartphone except using the Roamler app! In the creative tasks ‘Top Vlog’ we asked you to name one vlogger that you liked to get inspired or just entertained by, in ‘Favourite Smartphone Game’ we were curious to see which game app was the best one among Roamlers. You can find the result in the list below!

Smartphone games:                                       Vlogs:

Candycrush                                                           Yoga with Adriene

1010!                                                                       Niomi Smart

Pokemon Go                                                         SacconeJolys

8 Ball Pool                                                            The Michalaks

Angry Birds                                                          BFvsGF

Bejeweled                                                              SciShow

Clash of Clans                                                      Jocke & Jonna

A recap of Roamler Lingo

Sometimes it is good to refresh your memory on all the different things you need to remember in order to be a great Roamler. Some Roamlers asked if we could run through some of the terms we use, our “Roamler Lingo”. In Level 1, you learn to do many different things (when it is best to photograph in landscape mode for example) but also exactly what we mean by a shelf metre, and how to count the total number of shelves. Below is a picture which should make this clearer:

The numbers in the white dots indicate the number of shelves in one metre of shelving.

In the photo below you can see an example photo of a coffee section. The section is 3 shelf metres long. You can see this by looking at how the bottom of the shelf (shelf legs) is divided.

Sometimes it can be harder to tell because the gaps between the metres of shelving will be less noticeable. But often you will see some little details which show the change from one metre to the next. As long as you know what to look at, it gets easier and easier to see the different shelf metres.

For example, in the picture below, the differing heights of the two adjacent shelves show you where one metre ends and the next begins.

Hopefully, you are familiar with the term ‘Secondary Placement’ by now. If this a strange term for you, then you can see two examples of it in the photo below. The picture shows two different aisle ends with promotions. ouThe products are placed at the end of the regular shelves.

These products are often on promotion and the aisle ends are counted as a promotion place.

A secondary placement is when a product is presented, usually for an offer of some kind, in a unit that is not its normal place on the shelf. However,  secondary placements can often take different forms, such as at the end of an aisle (as you saw in the previous photos) or as a free standing unit.

Here are some examples of promotions in free standing units.

Now you hopefully have a refresh of our Roamler Lingo! Why not try your knowledge in the app straight away?
If you have any questions, please message us via the app or leave a comment below!

How to behave like a mystery shopper

You have probably seen this sentence in some of the Roamler tasks: The store is not informed about your visit, so please behave like a mystery shopper.

It may feel a little difficult to carry out mystery shopper tasks sometimes. However, if you are prepared both practically and mentally, it is not that difficult. Here are some tips and tricks.

First, do not worry so much to be ‘discovered’. In our experience, it is really rare that the store staff question Roamlers on performing their tasks. Just think about how many regular shoppers there are in a store! Staff will treat you like a regular shopper if you behave like a regular shopper.

Photographing with care – not a problem

Taking photos in a supermarket is not common (yet). It is a crowded place and does not have the best lighting. On the other hand, taking photos in ordinary places to put on Facebook, your Instagram account or share with your Snapchat friends is more and more common, so using the camera on your phone is seldom questioned.

When you do get questions from staff or other people, it is best to be flexible and creative. You can explain that you are taking a photo for your social media account and that you are making sure to not photograph other people. Some Roamlers react with: “‘I thought this product looked nice; is it okay if I take a photo? I might come back later for it.”

If, at one point, you need to explain to someone what you are doing, you can explain that Roamler is a company that executes retail research. In the task description we also provide the contact e-mail address that you can give to supermarket employees if needed.

Tips from Roamlers

The best people to ask for tips are the most active Roamlers! So here are a few tips listed.

“If a staff member sees that you’re shooting and wonders what you are doing (which is quite rare), answer that you are writing an essay for school and are examining the range of different products for example. Prepare an explanation that feels comfortable for you!”

“It’s best to perform the tasks while doing your shopping, but if you are going to several stores in one day, you can take a shopping cart or basket to walk around in the store. “

“I sometimes walk around in the store with my earplugs in, so the sound of taking the photo cannot be heard. Taking a photo using the volume buttons instead of tapping the screen (on my iPhone) makes taking photos easier as well.“

Roamler is launching in Denmark and Norway

Welcome all new Roamlers! We hope that you are as excited as we are that Roamler has launched in Norway. If you don’t know what Roamler is already, we will walk you through it!

Earning money with your smartphone
With Roamler you can earn extra money with performing small tasks, while doing your daily groceries, walking around town or discovering a new city. Roamler gives you the power to work when and where you choose. You’ll get higher rewards and more work as you improve. What’s more, you’ll always get paid right away for the work you’ve done. All you need is your smartphone.

Be part of the biggest mobile workforce
Roamler, founded in The Netherlands, is the mobile workforce app which has users in different parts of the world. Roamler has been operating in Scandinavia before; Sweden was the first Scandinavian country to launch in 2013. We decided to take the next step and grow even more in Europe. In order to do that we crossed the border to Norway and Denmark, making it possible for users  to earn money with their smartphone all over Scandinavia and in most of Europe.

One language – a greater opportunity for Roamler tasks
We in the Scandinavian countries have the opportunity to very easily travel over the border to Denmark, Sweden and Norway. For instance, many Swedes commute to Copenhagen each day for work, and many Danes commute to Malmö. We didn’t want to limit Scandinavian Roamlers any more with a language barrier; now you can Roamler wherever you go in Scandinavia!  This is why you perform your Roamler task in English and not in Norweigan.

This works advantageously and seamlessly for you!  Furthermore, the currency of your financial rewards will automatically change to that of your home country.

We are all very excited to explore Norway together with you and we are always available in the app to make it as easy as possible for you to perform your task. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us in the ‘Message’ function or send us an email with your questions at

PS. If you are not a Roamler already, but want to become one, all you have to do is download the app from the Play Store for Android, click here, or the App store for Iphone, click here, go through the training tasks which are designed to give the user the best knowledge of how Roamler works, and start making money!